Service with a smile / Service met een lach

Een 'meeneem' bakker in het hartje van de stad. Pascalle Spijkers runt Bakkertje Bol op de hoek van de Heuvelstraat en de Juliana van Stolbergstraat. Met een slim en uitgekiend assortiment, alles huisgemaakt: verse sappen, ambachtelijk banket, de lekkerste broodjes, koffie en thee. Rijk gevulde appelflappen, muffins in soorten en maten en natuurlijk het Brabantse worstenbroodje. Loop eens binnen en verwen jezelf. Vandaag is het themadag van alle stads-fotobloggers in de hele wereld.
Today is themeday Take Away of the photo citybloggers. A 'take away' bakery in the heart of the city. Pascalle Spijkers runs Bakkertje Bol on the corner of Heuvelstraat and Juliana of Stolberg straat. With a smart and sophisticated range, all homemade: fresh juices, artisan cakes, the delicious pastries, coffee and tea. Rich applepies, muffins in shapes and sizes and of course the famous Brabant 'worstenbroodje'. Pascalle is the daughter of the famous Dutch cook Cas Spijkers, who was a valued culinary pioneer in Holland. Come in and enjoy, you are certain of service with a smile!

11 opmerkingen:

Jim zei

They look very friendly. Great take away shop post.

Kate zei

Strange, but I never thought of bakery as a take-away, more like an essential item to bring home for breakfast. A most delightful food product!!

William Kendall zei

My parents were Dutch, so I've grown up with a lot of Dutch baking. I'm sure I'd be quite happy popping in here for a bite!

Oakland Daily Photo zei

It definitely looks like a friendly place. A warm greeting helps create repeat customers.

Halcyon zei

Is there any other kind of service than with a smile? That would be bad service in my books! :)
Love your shot for the theme day.

cieldequimper zei

Lovely smiles and oh that sounds delicious for breakfast just now!

Zosia zei

My kind of place! And the owners are lovely. Those smiles want you come back for more.

EG CameraGirl zei

Lovely smiles! I would be tempted for sure!

Blois Daily Photo zei

Service with a smile is an excellent title. Pity Tilburg is so far away for a breakfast takeaway!

PerthDailyPhoto zei

Sounds wonderful Peter, and service with a smile is always so much more enjoyable :)

LOLfromPasa zei

....and how sweet looking they are. Love your contribution to theme day.