De werkende mens / themeday worker

Het is vandaag themadag, allerlei foto citybloggers portretteren een werker. Op deze foto een postbode, die hebben tegenwoordig allerlei gedaantes - en geen consistente werkkleding. 

4 opmerkingen:

William Kendall zei

Workwear here for letter carriers has also become rather relaxed over the years as well.

Jen Masssey napierdailyphoto.blogspot.co.nz zei

that is interesting posties here still have a uniform however they are considering allowing them to only certain days as they feel there is not enough mail to keep them full employed these days

Julie zei

I guess it makes sense that a postman in Holland rides a bicycle. My current postwoman walks. She wears hi-vis clothing, but it is a uniform that all postal delivery staff wear.

EG CameraGirl zei

As William said, postal workers in Canada don't wear uniforms either.