What the f**k / Mijn fietszadel?

What the f**k? That's probably the first thought of the owner of this bike, his saddle is stolen. This is an essential component of a bike. You are nowhere without it. They are thieves without conscience, for Jesus in the background could not overcome the theft. 

Het is vandaag themadag van de citybloggers. Overal ter wereld hebben citybloggers foto's gepubliceerd van fietsen. Klik hier als je deze foto's wilt bekijken. Ik maakte deze foto vanochtend voor het theater De Nieuwe Vorst.

9 opmerkingen:

Stuart zei

Now that is cruel, or maybe the thief heard Jesus say "Have a seat".

wilf zei

Possible the owner took away the saddle to prevent it from stolen? They do here in Italy.

William Kendall zei

I see that here periodically. I assume the biker takes the seat with them.

Julie zei

That is funny!

Perhaps the thief had a damaged saddle and just needed a new one. I have seen bikes missing all sorts of parts. They seem to present as an easy target. I like the angle of your photo.

Loire Daily Photo zei

I have had various parts of bikes stolen in the past. Now, both of our bikes are attached to a bike rack behind the car and after 4 years are still whole. However, someone recently stole the screw-on part of one of the lever that attach the bikes to the rack. So annoying!

cieldequimper zei

I bet that happens here all the time...

Stefan Jansson zei

I know people that remover their saddle so that the bike will not be stolen.

Virginia zei

A bumpy ride for sure!

Linda zei

Interesting. Perhaps the owner is praying for a new seat!