Thou shalt enjoy! Muurschildering (detail) Themadag

The wall is painted outside at a cafe with a clear eleventh commandment: thou shalt enjoy!

Vandaag is het themadag van de Citybloggers. Iedereen laat vandaag iets curieus zien uit de eigen stad. 

De muurschildering zal wie geregeld de binnenstad bezoekt wel bekend voorkomen. Het elfde gebod: gij zult genieten!

5 opmerkingen:

William Kendall zei

I like the artistic flourishes!

Lois zei

I like that commandment! Nice post for Theme Day.

Julie zei

Nah! Would never be accepted by the publishers! Not enough fire and damnation. You have to stop people doing things, NOT tell them to go out and enjoy themselves. Up against the other commandments, this is quite the curiosity.

LOLfromPasa zei

Quite nice bit of artwork. Hope you did enjoy :).

cieldequimper zei

That's funny, and it's a nice job too!