Oude Warande

Als je maar op het juiste pad loopt, dan is het onvermijdelijk dat je ze ziet, de eekhoorntjes. Ze zijn vliegensvlug en maken zich snel uit de weg.

As long as you are walking on the right path in our Old Warande wood, then it is inevitable that you see them, the squirrels. They are só fast that it is only possible to see them shortly.

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William Kendall zei

We call these ones chipmunks, and they're very fast, and very busy. Soon it'll be time for them to hibernate, so they're filling their dens with food to see them through the winter when they wake up at times.

Merisi zei

I know these tiny and fast critter as chipmunks. They are lovely creatures, always busy, even when not on the run.

Jim zei

Good theme day post.

LOLfromPasa zei

...and what a cute little chipmunk that is.