Tribute to Eric 'PDP' Tenin

In the last years I have been visiting a stunning weblog that gives me lots of pleasure. And Eric Tenin is the man who makes it: ParisDailyPhoto. Very slowly the idea has grown to make a photoblog about my own city. Today I wanted a picture with a French atmosphere, that should remind me of Paris. Et voilá! In restaurant Kok Verhoeven we had a beautiful Plateau de Fruits de Mer with a nice bottle of Pouilly Fumé. And afterwards a Tarte Tatin. So I contribute this picture to a man I admire for his quality to create creative views on a subject that lots of people love: the Paris citylife. Thanks, Eric.

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Eric Tenin zei

Wow, merci merci merci (or should I say Dank u?) for those lovely words. As I always say mly visitors are my fuel, otherwise I would quit PDP right away.

BTW I envy you and your plateau de fruits de mer - it's one of my favorite dishes (I love it when you spend an hour or so trying opening all these shells to get just a little food!)