Slager Hein Hendriks

Laarstraat. Slagerij Hein Hendriks. Met de mooie toevoeging: en dochter. Sinds 1924. Er zijn heel wat slagers in Tilburg, ze hebben allemaal zo een eigen specialiteit. Vriend Gerard zweert bij het rundvlees van Hein Hendriks.

Laarstraat. Butcher Hein Hendriks. With beautiful addition: and daughter. Since 1924. There are many butchers in Tilburg, they all have their own specialty. Friend Gerard acknowledges that Hein Hendriks has the best Beef of town.

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6 opmerkingen:

William Kendall zei

A good take on the theme.

Tanya Breese zei

it's always nice to find a good butcher...i like the bicycle rider in the photo!

Kate zei

The man on the bicycle adds interest to the photo.

Jim zei

Great little shop.

Kay zei

There aren't so many butcher shops like this in the U.S. anymore. This looks like a good one. Nice photo!

LOLfromPasa zei

Terrific choice. To bad that there are so few butcher shops here in Coventry now.