Trappistenbier etiket - Trappist beer label

Abt Bernardus van Abdij Koningshoeven is 25 jaar geleden ingetreden. Om dat te vieren is een bier gemaakt naar zijn favoriete smaak: La Trappe Jubilaris. Het is vandaag themadag van de dagelijkse stad-fotobloggers. KLIK HIER om de bijdragen te zien die zijn gemaakt bij het thema Details.
"La Trappe" as Koningshoeven brewed beer is called, is the only Dutch Trappist beer. Only when the beer is brewed in a Trappist monastery under the supervision and responsibility of the monks, it may bear the name 'Trappist'. La Trappe is brewed according to traditional methods, according to a method developed by the Trappists of Koningshoeven recipe. There will be only natural ingredients to pass, such as hops, barley malt and yeast. The brewery gets the water for the beer from its own source. The fermentation takes place with a type of yeast that is most active at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. This type of fermentation is known as top fermentation. The beer is bottled with yeast in the bottle and develops a unique aroma.

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Jim zei

Great looking label.

Hilda zei

I wouldn't mind a bottle of that, even just to taste it.

hamilton zei

I have a particular fondness for this type of beer, but I've only sampled the Belgian variety - so far ;)

Leovi zei

Very cute detail, nice photo!