Rembrandt / Tasjes # 1

We gebruiken zo'n 300 plastic tasjes per huishouden per jaar. Dat kan best minder. We zien hier een foto van het marktpubliek op zaterdag. Met tas waarop Rembrandt meekijkt.
We use about 300 plastic bags per household per year. That may as well be less in the future. Here we see a picture of the market audience on Saturday. With Rembrandt watching from the blue/white bag.

10 opmerkingen:

William Kendall zei

A nicely creative take on this theme, Peter!

Dina zei

Shalom Peter. Lots of busy movement in your market picture.
It must be fun to have a Rembrandt bag. :)
Soon it will be law in Israel that supermarkets cannot give free plastic bags. Customers will have to pay for each one or bring totebags.

Sharon Anck zei

You caught a lot of movement in this shot.

RedPat zei

Good catch of movement!

Lynette zei

You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I'm glad you picked this to share with us.

Carraol zei

A perfect capture for illustrate the theme!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond zei

There are so many bicycles in the theme day photos (mine as well) that it is refreshing to see movement of a different type. I like your perspective here.

PerthDailyPhoto zei

You are so right Peter, more people should be using Rembrandt bags instead of plastic, we can only hope! Super shot for the theme.

Jeroen van de Ven zei

Mooie post! En een goed nieuw thema, ben benieuwd...!

Jim zei