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De Heuvelse kerk is gebouwd tussen 1872 en 1889. Hendrik Jacobus van Tulder is de architect. Wie een foto zoekt op google van Tilburg, krijgt vaak een foto van deze kerk te zien. De kerk staat aan de Heuvel, het centrale plein van de stad. Het is vandaag city daily photo themadag. KLIK HIER voor bijdragen uit de hele wereld.

The Heuvelse kerk or St. Joseph Church is a neogothic church in Tilburg, which was built between 1872 and 1889. Church architect was Hendrik Jacobus van Tulder.  Who searches for a picture of Tilburg will often find a picture of this church, because its located in the very centre of the city. The building has a monumental entrance, which includes a rose window and crowned by a St. Joseph statue. The interior contains stained-glass windows. The main altar was designed by Hendrik van der Geld.

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William Kendall zei

What a magnificent church!

PerthDailyPhoto zei

St Joseph's Church has aged beautifully Peter. Wonderful choice for today.

Jim zei

That's a brilliant photo for this theme day.

Unknown zei

The wall behind the altar is simply amazing!

Lois zei

It is lovely and a wonderful post for the theme.

LOLfromPasa zei

Most impressive and beautiful architecture.

Stuart zei

Age has been good to this fantastic place.

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